Welcome to Geneagenie, where I share about my ancestors: Vance, Heisig, and Scott on my dad’s, and Moore and Polk on my mom’s side. There are some preachers, blacksmiths, judges, lawyers, along with their strong, smart wives who were professionals in their own right.

What was life like back then, without modern “conveniences,” but with wide swaths of time, nature and faith? We know mostly only small details but have to imagine the rest.

See Posts for a running stream of research, or click on static pages at the top for specific people in this family tree. (Hover to expand to different generations.)

I’m also on You can get more details there even with a guest account. If you want me to share those trees directly with you, shoot me an email.

Feel free to comment or ask questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


4 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Rebecca Loertscher

    Would it be possible to get digital files of some of these pictures? We are related to the Heisigs through Carla Heisig Harris, and I have a picture of Carla and her mother Vida, but most of these pictures are new to me. Thank you!

    • Sorry I did not see your comment until now. I had a personal tragedy and was on hiatus from the site for several years. Did you find what you were looking for?

  2. Amy Loertscher

    Hello! I am trying to get more information about Reverend Ferdinand Heisig’s parents. Could you tell me where I could find some records about him? Thank you!

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