Helen Ruth Heisig Vance (1904-1987)

My grandmother

Helen Ruth Heisig was born October 17, 1904 in Beaumont, Texas to Charles (“CT”) and Vida Heisig. In 1930, Helen married Andrew Milton Vance (“Milton”) around 1935.   They settled in Houston where he had a legal retainer at Houston National Bank, and they had a son in 1937. Milton left around 1940, and Helen raised the son. She returned to Beaumont where she had Vida’s help, living in the large home at 2084 Hazel Street, and she worked as a secretary. Later Helen and her son returned to Houston where she worked for the Civil Service until her retirement.

Helen was the second of five girls. Her older sister Carla Theo and she were close, growing up together and Zeta sorority sisters at Southern Methodist University.  Helen transferred to the University of Texas and graduated from UT in 1926.  Sadly Carla passed away in 1928 after giving birth to her second child. The two children, Carla Ruth Harris and J. Wylie Harris, Jr., were being raised by their grandmother Vida in Beaumont. 

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