George C. Young and Emma Bartholamew (In progress)

George Clark Young was born October 3, 1849 in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.  His parents were Benjamin C. Young and Abby Jane Baker. Abby Jane Baker’s parents were Reverend Joshua Baker (1785-1872), who fought in the War of 1812, and Betsy Vorse. Reverend Joshua Baker was the son of Joshua Baker (1752-1836), Revolutionary War veteran and prisoner at the Battle of Groton Heights, and Mary Gates.

On Dec. 1, 1874, George Clark Young married Emma Bartholamew, born May 8, 1854 in Liberty, New York. Her parents were George Bartholamew and Rebecca Sparks, of Dutch ancestry.

Emma Bartholamew Young, mother of Vida Young

Children of George and Emma Young:

1. Elizabeth (“Libbie”) T. Young Bennett (April 22, 1876 -November 10, 1939), married Jerome E. Bennett

Vida and Libbie Young, circa 1885 (approx. 8 and 9 years old)

2. Vida J. Young Heisig (June 25, 1877-Sept. 12, 1954), married Charles T. Heisig

3.Ernest E. Young (April 28, 1880-?)

4. Grace Smelker (July 22, 1883-Sept. 1, 1950), married Thomas B. Smelker

Emma Bartholamew Young died September 15, 1887, age 33.   George Clark Young died April 8, 1890 (age 40) at Lenox, Susquehanna Pennsylvania.    Both are buried at South Gibson Cemetery, South Gibson, Pennsylvania.  Their grandson Cecil Emerson Heisig is also buried there.

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