I’m back

I’m back on the job after a long (8 year) break, and starting to add the branches from our maternal grandparents, Thomas Martin Moore (b. 1914) and Willie Jeanette Polk (b. 1918). 

I’m starting with the Moore side. I have a stack of boxes containing our Mom and aunt’s pre-internet research. We were brought up being told about our ancestors, especially on holidays. I was told to be proud to be a 5th generation Texan, or to have a Chief Justice (Ohio Supreme Court) in my heritage. One grandfather built 81 Whataburgers. It’s my goal to deepen the research and make the stories available here for our own children and beyond. 

I’m trying to re-learn WordPress and the new editor, so it’s going to be a learning curve getting it to look like I want.

Here’s my first new page, about the first native Texan in our family, Evalyn Alice Freeman and her husband Thomas M. Moore the elder.

Early Pioneer Texans

(p.s. my work from 2012 is still here on our paternal grandparents, Andrew Milton Vance and Helen Ruth Heisig. In 2012 I added most of the photos and research on the Vance, Scott, Heisig, and Young, branches. I need to go back and add some (it’s lacking Justice Josiah Scott and maybe some others) but you can still enjoy what’s been done so far.)

Let me know what you think!

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